What is a Pacemaker?

Irregular Heart beat

Some heart problems can be treated with medication and others require procedures like stenting or surgery. In other situations, when the rhythm of your heart is irregular, a cardiologist may recommend a pacemaker. This heart treatment is available at Precision Cardiac and Vascular Care in Mansfield and Desoto, TX. Find out more about pacemakers, including what they do and in what cases they are needed.

What's a Pacemaker and What Does It Do?
A pacemaker is a device that is specifically designed to help the heart keep a proper pace. Patients who have a very slow or very fast heart rate may need this device. It is a tiny machine that is surgically implanted into your chest to help your heart beat properly. It sends electrical signals to your heart, only when needed, to make it pump the right way. It is powered by a battery that lasts for up to eight years (or longer) before it needs to be replaced.

When Is a Pacemaker Needed?
Patients who have had heart attacks or who have congenital heart disease often need pacemakers. It helps your heart pump the proper amount of blood to your body and distribute necessary oxygen so that you have energy to successfully navigate each day. It reduces the risk of the heart stopping for an extended period of time or beating irregularly—both can be medical emergencies.

Living with a Pacemaker
In order to decide if a pacemaker is necessary, your Desoto and Mansfield cardiologist will perform a number of preliminary tests, including an EKG, echocardiography and stress test. There are a few considerations to keep in mind about life with a pacemaker:

  • Many people are able to live a normal and active life with a pacemaker.
  • It’s important to see a cardiologist every three to six months to check the device.
  • Take your heart medications as prescribed.
  • In some cases, a pacemaker is only needed for a short time and worn on the hip.
  • Keep information on your person that lets others know that you have a pacemaker.

Consult a Cardiologist
A pacemaker is a solution for patients who have problems with irregular heartbeats. If you are having cardiac issues, call Precision Cardiac and Vascular Care at (214) 884-7525 today to visit Dr. Manish Patel at his Desoto or Mansfield, TX, locations.

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