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  • Reasons You May Need an Exercise Stress Test
    What your cardiologists in DeSoto and Mansfield want you to know Cardiologists use many different diagnostic tools and tests to determine your level of heart function. Thanks to modern technology, heart Read more
  • What Is Cardiac Catheterization?
    What your cardiologist in DeSoto and Mansfield wants you to know Cardiac catheterization is commonly used both as a diagnostic tool and to treat cardiovascular diseases and conditions. The procedure allows Read more
  • What Is Vascular Care?
    Have a vascular problem? If so, it's important to see a vascular doctor. There's no need to suffer in silence; there are many treatments and therapies for vascular conditions. Precision Read more
  • What does a Cardiologist Do?
    The CDC estimates that approximately 84 million Americans have cardiovascular disease and 735,000 Americans experience a heart attack each year. It's one of the top health concerns in the country, Read more
  • What Is a Pacemaker?
    If your doctor recommends a pacemaker, your first reaction may be to panic. However, this common and safe procedure can help your heart function properly and increase your quality of Read more
  • What You Should Know About Heart Disease
    What your cardiologist in DeSoto and Mansfield wants you to know The term “heart disease” can cover a wide range of heart conditions resulting from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and Read more
  • The Most Common Types of Heart Disease
    Learn more about this condition that is the leading cause of death in the US. Your heart is a pretty powerful machine, pumping approximately 1.5 gallons of blood every minute to Read more
  • Welcome to Our Blog
    Welcome to the Blog of Precision Cardiac and Vascular Care Precision Cardiac and Vascular Care would like to welcome you to our blog. Here you will find informative and useful postings Read more