What Is a Pacemaker?

What Is a Pacemaker?

If your doctor recommends a pacemaker, your first reaction may be to panic. However, this common and safe procedure can help your pacemakerheart function properly and increase your quality of life. But what is a pacemaker? When does a pacemaker become necessary? Find out more about pacemakers with Dr. Manish Patel at Precision Cardiac & Vascular Care in Desoto and Mansfield, TX.

What is a pacemaker?
A pacemaker is a device placed into the chest to help regulate the heart’s rhythm. A problem with the heart’s rhythm is called an arrhythmia and can cause the heart to beat too fast (tachycardia) or too slow (bradycardia). Arrhythmias can also cause the heart to beat irregularly. The pacemaker uses an electric pulse to trigger the heart to beat normally. This is important because, in addition to affecting the heart’s rhythm, an arrhythmia can cause the heart to pump too little blood to the rest of the body.

Do I need a pacemaker?
When an arrhythmia causes the heart to malfunction, sending less blood out to the rest of the body, it can cause some alarming symptoms. Fainting, shortness of breath, and fatigue are often indicative of arrhythmias. In severe situations, arrhythmias can cause loss of consciousness or even death. A pacemaker which prompts the heart back into rhythm can relieve symptoms like fatigue and shortness of breath and prevent them from occurring at all. This allows patients to get back to their daily life and activities without becoming overly tired or unable to breathe.

Pacemakers in Desoto and Mansfield
You may need a pacemaker if you have damage to the heart, such as from a heart attack or heart condition, are older in age, have had certain medical procedures, you exhibit symptoms of tachycardia, or have certain underlying conditions. However, your doctor is your best source of information on this procedure. Additionally, your doctor can help you determine if this is the best treatment for your situation.

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