What does a Cardiologist Do?

What does a Cardiologist Do?

The CDC estimates that approximately 84 million Americans have cardiovascular disease and 735,000 Americans experience a heart cardiologistattack each year. It's one of the top health concerns in the country, which is why it's important to have a cardiologist you can trust. Precision Cardiac and Vascular Care has a team of heart doctors at their offices in Mansfield and DeSoto, TX. Learn more about what a cardiologist can do to keep you and your heart in good health.

About Cardiology and Cardiovascular Disease
The heart is the organ in your body that allows much needed nutrients and oxygen to flow to the rest of, your body, so it's very important that the heart stays healthy. Cardiology is the field of medicine that deals with heart and vascular (blood vessel) health. Cardiologists are the doctors who help prevent, manage, diagnose and treat cardiovascular diseases, including heart attacks, murmurs, and high blood pressure.

What Does a Cardiologist Do?
The initial goal for a cardiologist is to prevent heart conditions from developing. Preventive steps include monitoring your blood pressure, checking EKG readings, and checking blood work for changes in your cholesterol levels. A cardiologist will also suggest dietary changes to help you get to a healthy weight. If there is a pre-existing heart condition, your cardiologist will provide necessary treatments and recommend surgery if needed. Your Mansfield or DeSoto, TX heart doctor may also prescribe you medication to help you manage your blood pressure and other medical conditions that affect your cardiovascular health. 

Choosing a Cardiologist
Your cardiologist should be someone you trust and feel relaxed with. You need to feel comfortable enough to tell your cardiologist what's going on with your diet, stress levels, and lifestyle so that the right treatments can be prescribed. Also, choose a heart doctor who you can see on short notice (same day appointments are available at Precision Cardiac and Vascular Care) and who will communicate seamlessly with your primary care doctor. 

Schedule a Consultation
A cardiologist at Precision Cardiac and Vascular Care in Mansfield and DeSoto, TX can work with you to keep your heart and vascular system in good health. Call (214) 884-7525 today to set up an initial consultation with Dr. Manish Patel or Dr. Sainath Gaddam.