Cardiac Catheterization

What Is Cardiac Catheterization?

It's unfortunate that approximately 735,000 Americans have heart attacks every year, because many of these events are avoidable. Most heart attacks occur because patients simply aren’t aware of major blockages in their heart. Cardiologist offices across the country are packed with patients who have already had heart-related events when many of them could have been prevented with a test called cardiac catheterization. This test is available at Precision Cardiac and Vascular Care in Mansfield and Desoto, TX.

What Is Cardiac Catheterization?
Catheterization is a way for your cardiologist to get a better picture of what’s going on in your heart. CAT scans and stress tests can only reveal limited information about the heart, whereas a catheterization test fully illuminates the condition of the heart vessels. The results of this important test will show if you have plaque blockages in the heart and, if so, the locations and percentages of the blockages.

The Procedure
During a cardiac catheterization test, a very thin tube is inserted into a blood vessel, commonly at the groin or in the arm. A special dye is injected into the arteries so that accurate pictures can be taken of the vessels of the heart with an X-ray machine. Catheterization only takes a few minutes to complete and isn’t painful. It is an outpatient procedure performed in your Mansfield and Desoto cardiologist’s lab or a hospital. After the procedure, you can go home or take your doctor’s orders to seek further treatment if there are severe blockages.

Next Steps
The next step after a cardiac catheterization test depends on the magnitude of the blockages identified. In some cases, your doctor will add a stent (a small mesh tube) to weak or partially blocked vessels to keep blood flowing through them more freely. In more serious cases, heart surgery may be necessary to repair the vessels.

Don’t Delay a Catheterization Test
If your doctor recommends a cardiac catheterization test, don’t delay getting this procedure. Identifying a potential problem as soon as possible can be a life saver. Call Precision Cardiac and Vascular Care at (214) 884-7525 today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Manish Patel at his Desoto or Mansfield, TX, cardiologist offices.


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